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Sounds Good Stereo » Black Porsche Panamera - Focal, Arc Audio & Audiomobile

Black Porsche Panamera with Custom audio system. We used the best equipment, best materials & years of fabrication experience for this beautiful car.We started by utilizing the factory Porsche stereo/navigation as our source (insuring proper signal by using a RTA, O-Scope & Phase Checker) to insure a clean & proper signal to our aftermarket equipment. This clean signal was ran into a Mos Hi-Tech DSP that we can tune the audio system with a laptop computer for full control.Next step was to replace the factory speakers with the latest Focal Performance Components front & rear. This upgrade will allow the customer to not only have better sound quality, but also a substantial volume increase when his latest favorite song starts playing.While the interior speakers where replaced, we installed a acoustical damping material to insure the best performance & to lower the external road noise from these newer poorly insulated vehicles.Last was the trunk area. We always go above & beyond when we have the time. We installed two Arc Audio High Performance Sound Quality Amplifiers & a single Audiomobile subwoofer for the low end. We finished it off with premium custom vinyl & custom craftsmanship that even Porsche would be proud of!


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